N0AGI - APIs and Services
This site publishes a list of HAM Radio APIs and Services to serve-up near real-time data, BI cubes and raw repositories. The page lists all of the currently published services and APIs.

#0 - Service: Near real-time MNDMR Dashboard
This service publishes a near real-time visualization dashboard of data analytics and DMR activity for the MNDMR CBridge.

#1 - Service: Near real-time data cubes repository
This service publishes a near real-time data cubes repository. The following cubes are available for pull.

#2 - RESTFUL API: Amateur Radio HAM CALL SIGN Lookup Service Ver 3.4
This service provides service/APIs to look up Amateur Radio HAM CALL SIGN details. The aggregation is prepared off of FCC database for the USA region. The data cubes are refreshed every day at 12AM CST.

    Amateur Radio Ham Call Sign Look Up Service RESTFUL API v3:
    No-nonsense, free, simple format, callsign data look up
    service and callable RESTFUL API.
      Now available in these output formats:
    • Usage 1 (Formatted - default): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)
    • Usage 2 (Piped): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/p
    • Usage 3 (Piped WITH Header): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/ph
    • Usage 4 (Short): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/s
    • Usage 5 (Short WITH Header): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/sh
    • Usage 6 (extra short): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/x (akin to "s" format in Version 1.0)
    • Usage 7 (json): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/json
    • Usage 8 (table): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/t
    • Usage 9 (table simple): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/ts
    • Usage 10 (QRCode): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/q
    • Usage 11 (Callsign Card): https://call3.n0agi.com/(call-sign)/c

      Additional Services:
    • Information: https://call3.n0agi.com/info

  • Amateur Radio HAM CALL SIGN Lookup
#3 - APIs: Near real-time API Services and Facilities
    Soon to Come...
  • APRS - iGate Statistics Dashboard
  • Disambiguation - IP Address to Geo Coordinates
  • Disambiguation - CALL SIGN to Geo Coordinates